What is Neurofeedback: An Update

Neurofeedback, Neurotherapy, or EEG biofeedback is a method of training a client’s brainwaves using feedback (i.e. giving the client real-time information about their brainwaves). By setting appropriate goals, individualised for each client, this training can reduce psychological symptoms and performance can be enhanced. Effects are usually long-lasting or even permanent.

We are currently producing a short introductory video on neurofeedback, as well as a free online lecture going into more detail. We hope to release these soon, so if you would like to be informed when these resources become available, then please contact us to register your interest.

Additionally, we are currently undergoing redevelopment of our website and we aim to provide further resources here as well in the near future.

For now, you can read more on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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