Referrals and GP Mental Health Care Plans

To take advantage of a General Practitioner Mental Health Care Plan (GPMHCP) with AOP which entitles you to:

  1. an initial six (6) sessions which attracts a Medicare rebate, and
  2. a further four (4) sessions if required, up to a total of (10) Medicare rebated sessions per calendar year.

You will require:

  • an appointment with a GP who will conduct a Mental Health Assessment.
  • a GPMHCP and letter of referral from your GP to Alpha Omega Psychology. Your GP will determine eligibility based upon the Mental Health Assessment.
  • the letter of referral and GPMHCP at your first appointment with the Psychologist.

Payment options:

  • EFTPos facilities are available.
  • AOP is not a bulk billing practice and you will be required to pay the full fee at the time of your visit
  • AOP offers reduced rates for those on Pensions and with DVA; upon presentation of relevant documentation.
  • in special circumstances, reduced rates may The extenuating circumstances may be discussed with the Practice Manager or the Psychologist, for consideration.

Medicare rebate:

  • you will receive a Medicare rebate of $87.15 per regular session.
  • if you have registered your bank details with Medicare we can place your claim with Medicare at the time of payment of your account and you will automatically receive your rebate of $87.15 into your bank account.
  • alternatively, your Medicare rebate may be claimed by presenting your AOP receipt to Medicare; or by claiming online.

 Please be aware that:

  • following your 1st, 5th and 10th sessions, your Psychologist will provide a progress report to your GP, and if necessary, request further sessions.
  • if further sessions are recommended, an updated Mental Health Care Plan from your GP will be required.
  • you will need to bring the updated GPMHCP to your next appointment with your Psychologist.


If you have Private Health Insurance – please advise AOP of your fund. Further sessions beyond the ten allocated sessions rebated by Medicare may then be claimed through your health provider. Phone your health provider for further information.


Important information:  You must have a referral from your doctor made out to ‘Alpha Omega Psychology’, or ‘Leanne McInerney’.  The referral must indicate how many sessions are requested: between one (1) and six (6). You must bring the GPMHP along with your referral to your initial appointment.



To make communication between GP and our practice secure and fast we are on the secure messaging Argus and ReferralNet platforms.